Lourdes Martinez Wk.15 (Artist)

Lourdes Martinez is in her last year attending Cal State Long Beach. She is majoring in photography and today she had one art piece that she had on display. It was picture that was taken in 1990 on earth and this picture captures a space craft that is unknown to us.The picture also had the earth in it and it was a small spec that was really hard to see. Martinez zoomed in on the picture and decided to use it as her art piece. The piece was in a glass frame and the color of the piece was purple and greenish/grayish.

I asked Martinez what got her interested in this image of the unknown air craft and planet earth next to it? She replied saying at first she did not think anything about it but then found something inspiring about it.

Martinez decided that she wanted to major in photography in her last year of high school. She stuck with it through out college but at first she was not planning to. Martinez said that she would like to do an internship at the Observatory and does not really want to worry about doing photography jobs. She currently does not have a social media in which she shares her art work.



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