Geraldine Meono Wk.15 (Student)

Geraldine Meono is in her third year at Cal State Long Beach. She is currently majoring in Sociology and minoring in Child Development. Some of Meono hobbies are to listen to music, going out to eat, and dancing. Meono loves listening to Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, she also  enjoys dancing to hip hop and she was once on a dance team. Meono has been in a sorority for 1 year already and she enjoys it . She works at a small aerospace company when she is not at school. Her favorite color are the ocean colors which are sea green and different shades of blue. I asked Meono what art work has impacted her and she replied saying the art with the different dolls gave her an impact. The reason why it gave her an impact was because she was able to relate with the emotions that the dolls would show. If you want to now more about Geraldine Meono you can check her website at





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