Wk.13 Wake Shahrzad(artist)

Wake Shahrzad majored in graphic designs and also got her masters in graphic design. She got into the MFA program and she found it to be more interesting than her bachelor program because she was able to make projects based on her thesis. The subject that she picked for her gallery was immigration.Shahrzad interviewed four different people from different regions of the world to ask them 30 questions. She wanted to know if the four different people all had a different feeling when coming to the U.S.A. due to their culture. She discovered that the four people did all experience different things. Their only common thing that they shared was the reason for coming to the U.S.A. which  was because of the war in their homeland. Through her interview she was inspired to cover a wall with a certain type of fabric and the fabric had 4 different signs and four pop outs. Those pop out had speakers behind them and they were announcing the interview that they had. She also created four different kaleidoscope which were a long tube in which you can look into. they all had different shapes and color and they were interesting to look at.Shahrzad said she would like to donate her work which took about 3 years to make and also keep some to show in later exhibits. Artist was always interested in art as kid. An inspiration that was used in her art work was her own inner feeling of coming to America. She currently doesn’t have a social website in which you can view her work but maybe in the future she will.



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