Wk.12 Christopher Linquata (Artist)

Christopher Linquata is a 38 year who is majoring in representational painting and drawing. Linquata is in his last semester and is currently attending Cal State Long Beach. Linquata has a lot of realistic paintings of the beach which looks like if it was based in San Pedro. I noticed that in his painting there was a man that was painted in and it looked like Linquata. Linquata took about 5 and a half month to create each paintings and the materials he used were acrylic.

I asked Linquata what does his paintings represent and he replied that they are a representation of mythological stories and religious stories. I then asked which painting was one of his favorite and he said it was the one on the left side of the wall. The painting had 3 people sleeping on a rock with another guy on top of the rock spray painting. The guy on the rock spray painting looked like Linquata. Linquata was inspired by many Renaissance and street art painters.

I really liked how his paintings all had a beach view in the background. The view reminds you of the beach and gives you a feeling as if you’re there. His paintings looked very realistic as if someone just took a picture of the beach and printed them out.

Linquata first started being interested in art in kindergarten. He use to draw comic books as a kid or copy other comic book’s drawings. He went to Cal State Northridge and then took a couple years off before getting his masters. He use to teach at a middle school during his time off. Linquata has noticed that his art work has gotten better ever since entering to this program.

image image image image image image

Instagram: @icon5350


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