Wk.11 Albert Haddad (Student)

Albert Haddad is a freshman attending Cal State Long Beach. Albert is currently dorming at school and he is a civil engineering major. Albert would like to work with metro with his major after graduating. Albert has always liked to build things when he was younger so that influenced him to be a civil engineering major. His favorite type of food is Mexican food, he found a place near school that has taco Tuesday and he’s been there many times for the past month . Albert comes from Sossis High School and has been in that school since fourth grade. It was a big transition for him when he came to CSULB because he was used to seeing the same people everyday but now he’s surrounded with new people. Albert hobbies are eating, hanging out with friends, watching Netflix and going to the beach. I asked Albert if he considers tattoos as art and he replied saying that he does. He thinks it’s better to design your own tattoo because it gives it more meaning. If he was able to get a tattoo he would get a cross on his arm with his name in Arabic.




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