Wk.10 Thomas Cressman (artist)

Thomas Cressman is a 23 year old artist/student attending Cal State Long Beach. Cressman is majoring in metals and has really good art works that he had on display today. Cressman’s theme looked like an ocean theme because it had a lot of figures that looked like they belonged in the sea. There was a lot of metal modeled into different shapes and also other objects that was molded into bracelets and rings. The material used were copper, steel, silver and etc.

So I asked Cressman what inspired him to make what he does right now and he replied saying that the ocean inspires him. He said that the ocean is different from our world and that interests him. This shows his interests in the aquatic life. I asked him which piece on display is his favorite piece and he replied saying that the object in the middle is his favorite piece. The object in the middle is a blue metal piece that is molded into a type of plant that would be grown in the ocean.The reason why he likes that piece so much is because it was a nice surprise to him. He did not know that he could use that type of coloration on metal and he was amazed by the fact that he could. It takes about a week to four weeks to complete each art work.

I really liked how Cressman theme is based on the ocean because I love the ocean. I really liked seeing his work because it reminded me of the ocean. The way he used a certain setting to inspire him to create his art work was really amazing to me. The objects that he had on display did resemble certain things that you would find in the ocean.

Cressman has always been interested in art as a kid. He would take art classes in middle school, but what influenced him more to become an artist was a metal class that he took in high school. This metal class really inspired him that he soon got the feel for it. When he first attended CSULB he already knew what he wanted to major in due to his metal class. If you want to see more of his work, you can check him out @thom_cress6 INSTAGRAM.

image image image image image


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