Wk.10 Kayla Wiese- Sanchez (Student)

Kayla Wiese-Sanchez is a student at Cal State Long Beach and this is her second year attending the school. Kayla is majoring in biology right now. She enjoys making music, cuddling with kittens, exploring with friends, and being spontaneous. Her favorite color is purple and does not have a reason why. Kayla likes eating bean and cheese burritos. Kayla also mentioned that she is a cat person and has two cats. Kayla is from Southern California but lives 2 hours north. Due to those reason Kayla dorms at school. Kayla’s dream job is to be a musician and she knows how to play the guitar. The question of the week was if you could travel anywhere where would it be and she replied saying she would stay here. She likes Los Angeles because it is the music capital. Here is a link to Kayla’s blog.




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