Wk.10 Game Design (Activity)

So for week 10 we had to download an app called Geocaching and sign up for it. Geocaching is an app were people hide items in certain locations and members of the app have to look for those items. I went out for a search around my city and was not able to find any of the items. The first location that I went to was to a small plaza that had a clock tower. The app had a description that an item was hidden around the tower. It took about 20 minutes to try to find the item but I was not able to. It was funny because as I was searching people would come up to me and ask if I lost something. I would tell them no and had to explain to them that I was doing a project for my art class. I then moved on to another place to look for more items. The second place that i visited was a bit sketchy. It was in a alley and it was already night time. When I went there was a really strong wind blowing and no street lights around so it made it hard for me to see. I was there for about 15 minutes searching with my flashlight. I almost got bitten by a spider and dirt kept going into my eyes as I looked. But just like the first time I was not able to find the item. I then decided it was time to go back home because it was getting really late and it was unsafe to be out this late at night alone. The next day I made my own little box to hide and put different items inside. I put a drawing that I drew, a penny, and some paper clips. I’m currently trying to submit my box’s location to the Geocaching company. The location that I’m going to hide my box is in my home city Downey next to the library. If I could redo this activity I would because I want to find an item. I would probably still use this app even when I’m done taking this class.

image image image image image image image


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