Wk.9 Transmedia Storytelling (Activity)

For this week activity we had to partner up with two or more people to create characters and outline a short story. I decided to partner up with Nestor and Alex and I will put their links of their website in the end. The character that I used was The Flash. The Flash was already a character that was made in the DC comics.My character has the ability to run fast and he is a super hero. My character is friends with Spider Man and uncle Ben. Alex was the bad guy in this short story due to the fact that she accidentally killed uncle Ben in a car crash. Alex character was Wonder Woman. My characters mission was to avenge the death of uncle Ben but failed because he was defeated by Batman and Wonder Woman. We used Twitter and Snapchat to post what our characters were feeling and doing at the time. It was funny posting on social media about what was going on in our story. We decided to create separate accounts for each characters and we posted for them. If I had the chance to redo this activity I would but I would suggest to be given more time to complete this activity. It was a bit hard to create a story in such a short time frame with two other people with different school/work schedules. But other than that the activity was fun and I would redo this activity.



image image image image image image image image image


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