Wk.9 Juan Martin (artist)

Juan Matin a 28 year old who is attending Cal State Long Beach and majored in sculpture is an artist with interesting sculptures to look at. Martin was born in Mexico and moved to California when he was 8. Martin mainly creates sculptures. In Martin’s art work he has a human figure, an animals body, and a huge cube in the middle of the room. The materials that Martin uses are really open.

I asked Martin what does the cube represent, why did you chose to create it? He replied back saying the cube is more conceptual, more about what the viewer chooses to see in it. I then asked if there was any thing inside of the cube and he replied back saying, is there something inside of the cube? The cube is mainly made out of wood and the skin is a black stretch wrap.The cube took about a few hours to make. Martin also had a human figure which was molded from a manikin body. The manikin was on a mirror and he was telling us that the manikin is really heavy but it doesn’t shatter the mirror.It took him a couple weeks to make the manikin. Matin also had an animal figure which was a deer and it was made out of foam. He gave it an organic and technology look. it took him 2 weeks to make it.

While Martin was talking to us he was telling us how he has no labels. He creates what inspires him. This reminded me of myself. I’m not a person that likes to have labels on. I like to do different things and try different stuff that inspires me. I do not stick to one thing but instead I like to explore and try new stuff.

An artist that inspired Martin was Charles Ray and he as well does sculpture. As a kid Martin always liked drawing. He started to take art classes in high school and college. Taking these classes gave him a passion to go into art. To look at more pictures of Martin work you can go on his face book which is Juan Martin art.

image image image image


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