Wk.9 Andrea Casamitjana (Student)

Andrea Casamitjana is a student at Cal State Long Beach. This is her second year in school and she is a film major. Andrea is originally from Spain but moved to California during her senior year of high school. Andrea enjoys dancing, acting, and hanging out with friends. Andrea likes dancing to hip hop and just recently got into dancing to salsa. Andrea is able to talk in Spanish, English, French, and Italian. Also her favorite color is purple. Andrea use to work at 2nd street at a restaurant as a host. She has one younger sister and no pets. Andrea likes eating sushi but she enjoys eating Spanish food the most. Her favorite dish is Hamon cerano which is ham but it’s only made in Spain.She use to play volleyball for four years, basketball for a semester, and lacrosse for a semester as well. She was born in Madrid but her favorite soccer team is Barcelona. She would like to visit South Africa but doesn’t really know why. She just thinks it would be an interesting place to explore. Her dream job would be to become an actress but she is majoring in film just in case if it does not work out. I asked Andrea what was her favorite art work that she has seen yet in the galleries here at school. She replied back saying her favorite art work was the one were the artist had childhood pictures around. She liked it because it was different and she could relate to it.




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