Wk.8 Somebody app (activity)

For week 8 in my art class our activity was to use the somebody app. The somebody app is an app in which you can send a message to a friend through people. If you have friend that you want to deliver a message to you can send it and a user of the somebody app will get a notification of the message. The user gets to decide if they want to deliver the message. If the user decides to deliver the message they will have to look for the person in which they’re delivering the message. After delivering the message the user notifies the sender that the message was delivered. It was really fun using the app with my classmate. At first it was a bit awkward to go up to people because you didn’t really know them but after time it wasn’t as awkward. During this activity you get to talk to more of your classmate that you never really talked to before. This activity was a good experience for me and if I had a chance to redo this activity I would do it.

image image image image image image image


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