Wk.8 Shannon Leith (artist)

Shannon Leith a 28 year old artist who attends Cal State Long Beach and is majoring in Photos. Shannon use to go to Viola but transferred to Cal State Long Beach because she liked the professor more at CSULB. Leith was born in Canada and moved to Southern California when she was 13 years old. She currently lives in Long Beach. In Leith’s art work she has a lot of different food. The materials used were printed photograph, slide shows, and blankets.

I asked Leith what is the meaning of her work and she replied saying it’s something that you care for but can’t have.It’s a loss of something. The blankets has food pictures on them and it symbolizes old memories. Kind of like a break up with someone. You wrap yourself around with these memories and it brings you comfort. Leith was inspired to create these works due to her allergic reactions she gets from eating certain types of food. It’s  her break up with gluten .

I liked how Leith said her work is like a break up. She compared this break up with a relationship break up and with those comparison you understand what she was trying to portray. I felt a connection because I know how a break up feels like. When that certain someone leaves your life you start to miss them, hold things that use to belong to them and wrap it around you because it brings you comfort.

Leith knew she wanted to be an artist during her senior year of High School. She went on a trip to Africa and took pictures. During her trip she knew she wanted to discover the world more through photography. Her favorite type of food are slaty ones, she also likes sweet potato and smoothies with ginger.


image image image image image


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