Wk.7 Snapchat

For week 7 we had a snapchat activity. Starting Thursday we had to snap pictures in our snapchat and draw on them. This activity was fun to do because I usually do that on my snapchat. The four things that I snapped was my t.v. and I tried drawing Plankton’s wife on it. The second thing that I drew on was on my Suzuki Samurai. I made the background black and white and then used the colors provided to draw on my car. The l third picture was of my California flag in my room. I drew a flag pole and used a bear emoji for the center of the flag. I also used a filter to make the picture look cool. And lastly the last picture was me with paint all over my face. I also viewed some of my classmates snap and they were funny as well. I really enjoyed doing this activity because it was fun and creative. I would like to do this activity again if I got the chance to.


image image image image


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