Wk.7 Norax Ayala (artist)

Norax Ayala originally from Southern California is a a print making artist. Ayala is a student of Cal State Long Beach and she is in her last year for her master program for print making. Her work shows of how two things can become one. She uses two images and repeats them over and over on each other. The materials she uses are paper, ink, and lip sticks. I noticed that in her works she uses a lot of pink.

I asked Ayala what made her want to create this type of work. She replied back saying that her work is to support LGBT community and also because she wants to show part of her personal life in a professional way. She also told us that her work is very feminist so that may explain why she uses a lot of pink. Her work is very abstract and takes time to create. It takes about two weeks to make. She works about 18 hours daily just to create her work. She creates a lot of work but ends up not using them because it isn’t something she wants to show. She wants it to be perfect so she recreates her work. She sometimes gets help from her partner.

Ayala works on trying to make two different things become one and I find that to be very interesting. It kind of reminds me of when I use to be in a team sport. How we all had to work together to be number one in the tournament. We all had different skills and we behaved differently but when it came to wining we all worked together to become a team and win.

Ayala always had an interest in art throughout her life. As a kid her mom would teach her how to color and growing up she would buy a lot of art materials. Even during Christmas she would ask Santa to bring her art materials. Graduating high school she decided that she wanted to become an artist. Ayala moved to Long Beach to be able to attend school but now recently moved to Anaheim.

Norax_darko : Instagramimage image image image image


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