Wk. 6 Periscope

For the sixth week of my art class we had to make a periscope and write about our experience with it. My experience with periscope was not so well. I first made my first periscope at my house laying on my bed. I was trying to see how the app worked so I wasn’t really talking to the viewers online. Many of them were commenting that I was boring and that I should be talking. I didn’t blame them for not liking my first scope; it was pretty lame. My second scope a lot of people started commenting that I was cute and started asking personal questions. For example how old was I, where do I live, and if I was single or not. They also started to comment that I should take off my shirt and that I was sexy. After reading all those comments I decided to stop broadcasting. I felt really uncomfortable that people were looking at me and I couldn’t see them. Those comments were really inappropriate and gave me a bad experience with my first day using the app. The next day I periscoped again with a friend and they started asking if me and my friend were in a relationship. They were asking a lot of personal stuff so we decided to stop broadcasting. My experience with the app was not so pleasant. I really did not enjoy this activity and I wouldn’t like to do the activity again.

image image image image


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