Wk.6 Alice Andreini (artist)

Alice Andreini originally from Minnesota and now living in Long Beach is an incredible painter. She is majoring in contemporary drawing and painting. She made three different paintings, each being really colorful and having soldiers in them. The soldiers are in a garden setting and fighting one another. The colors she uses were bright colors. The colors that stood out were yellow, red and green. Also in all three of her painting there were flowers in them. The materials used to create her work were oil paint. It took about a few weeks and in some cases a few months to create her art work.

I asked Andreini why is there flowers and soldiers in her paintings. She replied back saying the soldiers are protecting the beautiful garden. Army men is a reminder of a need for protection. I noticed that in her paintings the soldiers were all carrying guns and pointing them at one another. Her inspiration for painting flowers in her work is due to her mom’s garden. She also painted flowers in her paintings because they has a lot of symbolic meanings to them.  Her friends encouraged Andreini to become an artist and so she  became committed to being one. Amy has been painting for about five years already.

I really liked how Andreini soldiers were a symbol of a need for protection. It shows how we need people to protect us. The soldiers reminded me about friends that we all have. Our friends are like the soldiers in Andreini paintings because they protect us. They’re around us when we need them and they will always have our backs. I really enjoyed looking at her work and understanding them.

Andreini was first a theater designer for two years. To prepare herself before she starts painting her work, she researches and sketches a bit to see how she wants to create her work. Her inspiration with working with bright colors are that they are synthetic contrast and synthetic nature of army figures. An artist that inspired her was Diebenkorn. Also her teacher liked the garden portrait two(Her painting) but she liked sticks and stones more(Her Painting).

image image image image

Facebook: Alice Andreini


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