Wk.6 Elizabeth Ochoa (student)

Elizabeth Ochoa is in her third year of college and she is attending Cal State Long Beach. She is majoring in Civil Engineering. Elizabeth is from Bellflower and she use to attend Bellflower high school. In high school she use to play volleyball and do color guard. She is the youngest of four siblings in her family. She enjoys sleeping, going out, sketching, and she also loves eating food. She also likes to watch Vampire diary and Americas next top model. During the summer she went to Brazil to visit her  brother in law’s  family for a month. I asked her what does art mean to you and she said its a way of communicating with people in different forms. I also asked her what does the color blue mean to you and she said blue is sadness and gloomy. I then asked her what about the color red and she replied saying she thinks of people’s hair color for example gingers. Then the last color I asked was the color yellow and she said it reminds her of the sun’s heat. Elizabeth’s favorite color is black and her favorite season is winter.


Website: https://eo257399.wordpress.com/


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