Wk.5 Kiyomi Fukui (artist)

Kiyomi Fukui a 27 year old from Long beach( originally from Japan) makes placemats and has tea parties to create her art. She invites people to drink tea with her and they have conversations with one another sharing their own experiences in different topics. During the convo people spill tea on the placemats leaving a stain/ marking on it.The stains/marking on the placemats are memories left behind from her friends. I noticed that in her placemats many of them were stained badly and even had holes in them due to the damage of the tea. The materials used to create her art work are placemats mix with beets juice, tea made from hibiscus, and other foods coming from her garden.

I asked Fukui what made her want to create this kind of art? What gave you the idea? She replied back saying it all started just by having tea and sharing special moments with my friends. Then I started noticing the marks that were left behind on the placemats and I liked them. She also told me that she encourages people to leave stains on purpose so they can leave their markings on the mat. She was inspired to become an artist by her partner and also by a lost from someone very close to her. She was also inspired by this work because she was able to communicate with people and not feel awkward. She enjoys sharing things.

I really enjoyed looking at Fukui work of art and understanding what they all meant. I asked Fukui what does art mean to you and she replied back saying it’s about life; about living. Not removing. I liked the response she told me. It inspired me to want to create something as well where I can share my moments with other people. I want to create something where people can also leave their markings and I can look back at it and enjoy the memories I had with them.

Fukui is a Cal State Long Beach graduate. She majored in print making and wants to create art with it. She is currently teaching a class which is an intro to art. She has this garden where she gets some of her materials from. The garden is made out of squash, green beans, and etc.


Instagram: Kiyomimiz


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