Wk.5 Ethnography (Pre-Electric Cultures)

For my fourth activity I had to go for a night without using any electricity. Before I started this activity I told my parents about it because I didn’t want them to interfere with it. On September 24th I started the activity. To prepare for the night I tried completing all my homework before the sun went down. I was unable to finish it so I left it on my desk to complete it the next day. So finally the sun was out and it was time to start my activity. For about 20 minutes I was just laying on my bed trying to think of something that I should do. I was going to go for a run but the street lights were on so I wasn’t able to do that. I was also thinking maybe I should go talk to my parents but they were both watching tv in the living room. I felt trapped in my room because it was the only place that wasn’t filled with lights. I then decided to shower which was the worse thing ever to do because I had no idea where my shampoos where at. I used conditioner first and then shampoo when it was suppose to be the other way. After the shower I had a bit of a struggle changing into my pjs. After my shower I just laid in my bed, I heard my phone going off multiple times and I just remember being sad because I wasn’t able to see what it was. I then decided that I should just go to sleep, but then out of nowhere my parents came into my room turning on all the lights. They came in to grab a blanket from my closet. They forgot about my activity and apologized. I wasn’t mad or anything because since my activity was now over I was able to finish my homework and use my phone. It was a good experience but I would not want to do this activity again.


A pic of my bed because the other parts of my room is a mess.


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