David De Mendoza

David De Mendoza from Santa Monica paints human figures in a way that shows the corruption of their souls. On September 17 I went to go visit Mendoza’s art work and also got the chance to interview him. His paintings were very interesting and I also noticed that in his paintings there were random eyeballs.There was also a lot of human body parts formed in an inhumane way. The material he used to create his paintings were oil paint. He had no assistants while creating his work.

I asked Mendoza what inspired him to create these paintings and he replied back saying, watching a lot of horror movies inspired me and also reading horror books. I also asked what horror movie does he like and he said “The Shining” Directed by Stanley Kubrick. All of his art work are based on fears and nightmares. “They don’t have any meanings they’re are just creepy painting” stated Mendoza. It took Mendoza the start of summer 2015 and the end of summer 2015 to complete his paintings.

While I was interviewing Mendoza one of my fellow classmate asked him if he has any weakness. He told us no weakness a lot of strength. That respond caught my attention. I like to think of myself as a person that has no weakness when in a difficult situation. I have no time to be weak but I do have time to be strong.I have a lot of strength to over come any difficult obstacle that comes in my way.

Mendoza favorite artist is Diego Velasquez and he started painting three years ago. He has one more year left of college and is not planning to obtain his masters. His worst fear is illness and he likes to be in his comfort zone when painting. For Mendoza art is a freedom of expression, a window to the soul.


instagram: demendizzle


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