Spray art

For the third activity I had to use two different spray can colors to write my name. I decided to write my name on a cardboard, in my backyard. During the activity I had trouble using the spray cans due to the safety lock it had. I was really confused because it wouldn’t spray but when I tilted the cans upside down the lock thing fell and I was able to use it. I struggled for about five minutes ahaha. After my struggle I started to sketch out my name and then spray painted over it. I used the blue spray paint first for the inside of the letters and then red for the borders of the letters.It took about 5-7 minutes for the paint to dry up. I really enjoyed this activity because it was fun and relaxing.I felt like an artist while creating my name, it was a good experience for me and I would do this activity again. Even though I made a huge mess it was worth it. When I was done with my name I decided to draw my tortoise which is named Jimmy and the I drew myself.





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