Nick Bamford Clay Scullpture

Nick Bamford from Huntington Beach is an amazing artist that attends Cal State Long Beach. On Thursday, September 10 I got the chance to view his art work and interview him. During the time of my visit a specific art work got my attention. It was a sculpture with two arms and no hands. And two legs and no feet. The sculpture from the inside was made out of wood, cardboards, strings, and recycling parts. On the outside it was all clay that was holding everything together. The head of the sculpture was made out of recycle objects and a lot of computer parts. The sculpture is standing up and it looked like it was being hold by wood. His art work was white/grayish and looked a bit rough.

I asked Bamford what was the theme of this sculpture and he replied back by saying it’s a more wide range for interpretation. As I walked around viewing his art work there was a paper with information about his sculpture. Written inside it said that a lot of his work is a mystery to him. He uses art to explore his skills and also a way to challenge himself. Art helps him built what he visions inside of his head.

Bamford’s idea on how he uses art to challenge himself stuck to me. Through out high school  I was on the swim team and I would challenge myself to get better each year. Even though I wasn’t that good compared to the swimmers that were in club swimming, I still gave it my all to be the very best that I could be. I challenged myself by going to practice each day and by eating healthy before a big race.

Bamford was first inspired to be an artist in his senior year of high school. He is currently majoring in ceramics and would like to obtain his masters in sculpture at the school of UCLA or Yale. He would like to get a job as a professional artist or teacher. His favorite artist is Picasso and he was also inspired to be an artist because of him.

IMG_3544 IMG_3541 IMG_3537 IMG_3529

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