On Thursday, September 10 I had to post four pictures on my Instagram page. These four pictures had to be about the different activities I did throughout the day. Choosing what to post in the begging of my day was a bit difficult for me because not much happened. My first post that I decided to post was me walking to my class. My second post was about my friend Lilly acting like a fool in class. She was bothered by the fact that it was a hot day at school and just couldn’t stand the heat anymore. As time went by my day got a little bit more interesting. My third post was about an awesome clay sculpture that was constructed by Nick Bamford. My last post was about me and two new friends that I made. Doing this activity I had to come out of my comfort zone. It felt weird posting about my day because I’m not used to doing that. On my original Instagram I hardly post anything online and if I do I usually wait 3 days after the event to post a picture or video. Even though it was something unnatural for me to do, I still enjoyed it and had a great time posting about my day.



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