Sculpture Beach

Well for the second week of my art class, we had to construct a sculpture at the beach. The procedures needed to construct this project was first you had to dig a whole deep enough to fit your arm or leg. Then once that’s completed you insert either body parts into the whole and cover it with wet sand. You wait for about 5 min. and then carefully try to remove your body part away from the whole. After that a mold of your body part should be created. You mix plaster with water and stir it rapidly in a bucket. After doing that you pour it into your mold and wait for about 30 min. During the time I waited I got to know some of my classmates. We talked and really bonded as we waited for our sculpture to be molded. During the procedures we also helped one another by sharing shovels and figuring out how this project would work. Once the 30 min. were up we dug out our sculpture and took pictures with  them. I had a really nice experience in creating the sculpture and meeting new friends. It was a great day at the beach and if i had a chance to do this project again I would.



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